Sisters Trail

3.6 Miles / 1,250 ft Elevation Gain

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3.6 Miles

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Trail Head:
East Trail Head
Elevation Climb:
1,250 Feet

Amount of Shade
Some Shade

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4 Stars

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Evergreen is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to hike! It’s not far from Denver, a beautiful drive and there are so many options with killer views. The Alderfer/Three Sisters Park is one I’ve wanted to check out for a while but the only trail I could find on AllTrails with a quick search is nearly 7 miles, which is usually more of a commitment than I have time for. But when a friend said to meet her at the trailhead, she knew the trails well I was excited to check it out.

I got one of the last spots in the East Trailhead, and that was on a weekday so it definitely is a busy spot. I would recommend grabbing a trail map at right at the start because once you’re in the park, there are so many different trails and ways to go (more than 15 miles of trails!)

If you’re looking for a beautiful, easy route – You can follow the route I did which was Sisters Trail to Bearberry to Homestead then Ponderosa to loop back to the car. But really, there are tons of options! Never too steep, some shade and beautiful scenery.

I’m typically not very adventurous on my hikes and stick to the trails religiously, but my friend had climbed the sisters a few times so I followed her lead up one of the sisters (I think it was the south but I can’t remember.) The scramble up was easier than I expected, although make sure you’ve got your footing because there’s definitely a steep drop off! But the view at the top makes it worth the extra effort: 360 degree views all across Evergreen. If you’re feeling brave I definitely recommend giving it a try!

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