Red Rocks / Morrison Slide Trail

3 Miles / 679 ft Elevation Gain

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3 Miles
Route Type:
Trail Head:
Red Rocks
Elevation Climb:
679 Feet
Amount of Shade
No Shade
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4 Stars

Pictures From The Trail

This is my go-to trail for a quick & easy hike with incredible views! I’ve done this one a couple times recently because it’s so close to Denver, is simple to follow and I feel pretty safe doing this one alone. This is at the top of my list for bringing out of state friends who want to check out the famous landscape.

I did this hike with a friend for the first time and we chatted the entire way, a perfect conversational hike! Plus, the views were absolutely stunning at every single turn.

This trail starts from the parking lot right at Alameda Parkway & Red Rocks Trail Road and within a few minutes you’re right up next to massive slabs of red rock. You’ll come to the fork in the trail where you can go left for Morrison Slide or right to continue on Red Rocks Trail. I like to go right, but either way works! Continuing right the trail levels off a bit and you get to enjoy beautiful valley views. Keep an eye out for mountain bikes on this part of the trail!

You’ll come to another turn off to take a left to Morrison Slide Trail, now you start climbing! Normally, I feel the elevation on steeper parts, but this one is really doable. The climb goes fast & you’re rewarded with incredible views up above the red rocks we all love. It’s a nice easy walk along the edge and then you make your way back down to connect with the Red Rocks Trail again.

The trail markers make it easy to follow the trails. Also, not a lot of shade on this trail so bring the hat & lots of sunscreen!

Red Rocks / Morrison Slide Trail

3 Miles Long / 679 Ft. Elevation Gain

Author of Approachable Outdoors Kylie Bearse

Kylie Bearse

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