Ouzel Falls

6.2 Miles / 935 ft. Elevation Gain

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6.2 Miles

Route Type:
Out & Back

Trail Head:
Wild Basin
Elevation Climb:
935 Feet

Amount of Shade
Partially Shaded

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3 Stars

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You know I love a waterfall! Well this trail has plenty and it’s really gorgeous. This hike is less about the views and more about the river & falls along the way. Plus, you get a good amount of shade, it’s easy to follow and despite the elevation gain, very approachable! This hike is in Rocky Mountain National Park, so you’ll need a reservation unless you go before 6am.

First up only a third of a mile in is Copeland Falls! They’re definitely pretty, but the least impressive of the three.


After 1.8 miles you hit Calypso Cascades which are absolutely breathtaking. I love that with these falls, the trail literally takes you over it so you’re able to fully take in the view.


Then 3 miles in you’re at Ouzel Falls which is pretty stunning. You can get a glimpse from the trail, but hike up a bit and you’re right underneath the falls & feeling the mist! We stopped here and had lunch right under the falls. There are trails that go beyond to other lakes & whatnot, but this was a perfect morning hike!


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