Maxwell Falls

4.2 Miles / 685 ft Elevation Gain

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4.2 Miles

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Trail Head:
Maxwell Falls
Elevation Climb:
685 Feet

Amount of Shade
Partially Shaded

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3 Stars

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I loved this hike but want to start off by saying – don’t expect a big waterfall. In fact, most of the other hikes I’ve done recently have had bigger rivers or falls.

Ok, now that the expectations have been properly set, I loved this hike! I have heard that it gets pretty busy on the weekends and we definitely passed a lot of people, but on a weekday morning it didn’t feel too overwhelming.

There’s a good mix of sun & shade with this one. It starts with some decent incline, but then levels out nicely along the river. There’s a tiny hiccup with the trail map on AllTrails but it’s really easy to get back on track quickly.

What’s fun about this trail was when you got to the upper falls – it’s rocky but has the most incredible views! You go from walking along the river to suddenly a couple hundred feet above it.

I’m typically pretty afraid of heights, but I loved hanging out above the falls.

To be honest, you could hardly see the falls but the view was still delightful.

You get another shot at seeing the lower falls on the way back and while the river was lovely, if you’re looking for a true waterfall you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly hike – this one’s perfect!

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Author of Approachable Outdoors Kylie Bearse

Kylie Bearse

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