Lichen Peak Trail

1.7 Miles / 495 ft. Elevation Gain

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1.7 Miles
Route Type:
Out & Back
Trail Head:
North Table Mountain
Elevation Climb:
495 Feet
Amount of Shade
No Shade
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3 Stars

Pictures From The Trail

The hike up to Lichen Peak isn’t long by mileage, but it’ll still give you a good workout as the first half mile is straight uphill! Plus, you get views of Golden and then eventually of Denver as well.

I love this hike because it’s so close to Denver, it’s quick enough that you could sneak it in before work or on a lunch break and it still has great views. The trail is very busy (we had to park at the lot below) but it’s definitely wide enough for plenty of social distancing.

One you’re at the top of the steep part, there’s a sign pointing to the peak which is a very easy walk to the little formation. It’s the highest part of North Table Mountain!

Also, I’m a total nerd and love when there are signs explaining the terrain or ecosystems. I think Lichen looks like moss, but officially it’s algae and fungi. Also, it only grows a few millimeters a year so a quarter-sized area of Lichen could be as old as 25 years old! For that reason, they’ve got a bunch of signs asking you to stay on trail but the Lichen, which is orange and yellow, is super easy to spot – great learning lesson for the kiddos!

Trail Location

North Table Mountain

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