Best Gifts for Hikers (2024 Gift Guide)

Shopping for a hiker can be tricky because we’re all pretty specfic about what gear we like. Things like hiking boots and backpacks can seem like a good idea, but they’re so personal to each body it’s honestly easiest to leave those up to the hiker.

Here is a list of some of my favorite things that I actually use and truly think every hiker would enjoy (I’m not making any money on any of the items.) Quite a few of these companies have donated to Approachable Outdoors fundraisers & I think it’s important to support companies who prioritize giving back!

They range in price from budget friendly to splurge.

Picture Frame with squares of all National Parks

I absolutely love this idea! I have Native Maps Denver map and it’s one of the pieces in my home people comment on the most.

They just launched the National Parks Scratch-Off and their Instagram post about it is what inspired my shopping list for hikers. I’ve seen quite a few variations of this type of map and usually find them cheesy, but I love how this one looks before and after scratching.

$45 without the frame
$145 with the frame

Cute & Functional Hiking Socks

Hiking boots with hiking socks featuring mountains and a moon

Hiking socks are a win for hiking lovers for stocking stuffers or a budget friendly option. Fits Socks are some of my favorites for both their breathability and fun designs.

Hiking socks start at $19.99

I am and will forever be a Rovr Cooler loyalist. I’ve had quite a few Yeti coolers but Rovr really takes the cake for a few reasons. They keep things just as cold, if not colder but the design is made for those who love the outdoors. The off-roading wheels on the hard cooler I have tested on some very rocky and bumpy paths to campsites and they are somehow still in perfect condition. I love the design inside with an area to keep food dry, plus the add ons for the cutting board and cup holders.

Plus, they’re local! Shoutout to Nederland 🙂

Wheeled coolers start at $350
Soft Coolers/Keepers start at $150

Northface ThermoBall Traction Booties

Northface Puffy Traction Boots

Lol… my coworker just walked by as I was putting this together and said those are weird looking shoes. These were a gift last winter and I thought the same thing… and then I put them on. They’re like wearing little clouds of your feet that have traction.

I wore them on a ski trip a month later and by the end of the trip 4 people had ordered them. They’re great for post skiing, hiking or camping – or just taking the dog out when it’s snowing and you don’t want to fully suit up.

Mens & Women’s ThermoBall Booties $69.00

Lavender Yeti Wine Tumbler

I’m famous (infamous) for bringing a Summit Beer or a bottle of wine for a few sips at the top. I usually bring enough wine tumblers for everyone so I can vouch these are awesome and get plenty of use out of them. They even laugh at me when I drink tea out of them at work. Plus, these tumblers have taken a few tumbles down a mountain and still work great.

Yeti Wine Tumbler $25

Bright Teal Neon Camping Chair

I’m not kidding when I say I bring this chair on every hike. It’s compact and light enough that it sits inside my 17L pack with room to spare. It takes all of 30 seconds to set up so now instead of popping down on some rocks at the top of a trail or good viewpoint, my friend and I set up our Moonlites to enjoy the view comfortably. There hasn’t been a time that people haven’t come up to us and ask about the chair. It’s a crowd favorite.

Nemo Moonlite Reclining Camp Chair $159.96 (keep an eye out for sales from REI)

Bright Teal Neon Camping Chair

I want to hug whoever designed this bag because it finally has the pockets I need from a tote bag. I counted six pockets including a lap top holder & spot for a water bottle. The “puffy coat” outline makes this bag look like it was made for a stroll through a mountain town or holding your camping gear. Plus, it’s a Park City company and we love supporting a local mountain town’s creation!

SMMT Powderloft Tote Bag: $198.00

Sleeping Bag Material Blanket featuring Grizzly Bears & Mountains

I learned about Rumpl when they donated to one of the Approachable Outdoors Fundraisers and fell in love with their blankets that are essentially puffy coats in blanket form. They’re great for camping or hanging by the camp fire, but honestly they’re super cute in general. And I just saw their new National Parks collection and love it!

Rumpl Blankets start at $125

Forest green Deneen Pottery Mug that says "I love Public Lands"

If you’ve been to a gift shop at a National Park, you’ve probably seen Deneen Pottery’s work. They’re a Minnesota company so I have a few mugs from my time at WCCO and 7 years later they’re still my favorite mugs to drink from. They have a few National Parks mugs on their website (plus a list of where to buy their mugs locally) but they also have this gorgeous “I Love Public Lands” mug which supports the public land alliance.

Deneed Pottery Mugs are $28

Light brown wooden journal with "Great Sand Dunes" text and image

These are my absolute favorite journals and they have a cool mission where for every item you buy, they plant a tree. The journals are gorgeous enough to be on display at home and there’s one for every National Park so you can pick their favorite.

Woodchuck Journals are $29.99

Variety pack of cute bottles of bug spray, sunscreen featured over ocean background

I love Kinfield as a company and their products are really fantastic – focusing on being both environmentally friendly and safe for the body. Plus, they’re cute enough that giving bug spray or sunscreen feels like a gift and not toiletries.

Products start at $16 with bundles starting at $38

Gift Cards are Always a Safe Choice

Here are the places I’d love to get a gift card to for the holidays!


Kylie Bearse

Kylie Bearse

When I’m not exploring the trails, I’m a Meteorologist! You can see me every weekday morning on Fox31 KDVR from 4:30-10am! Have a weather question? Don’t hesitate to ask!

Kylie Bearse

Kylie Bearse

When I’m not exploring the trails, I’m a Meteorologist! You can see me every weekday morning on Fox31 KDVR from 4:30-10am! Have a weather question? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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Kylie Bearse

Kylie Bearse

When I’m not exploring the trails, I’m a Meteorologist! You can see me every weekday morning on Fox31 KDVR from 4:30-10am! Have a weather question? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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