What Is Approachable Outdoors? 

My name is Kylie Bearse and I’m a Meteorologist in Denver, Colorado. Approachable Outdoors is where I share the hikes I love! Exploring the mountains is my favorite part about living in Denver but I feel like there’s an “intimidation factor” when you’re first getting started. So Approachable Outdoors is your beginner-friendly guide to hiking and outdoor adventures.

Author of Approachable Outdoors Kylie Bearse
Kylie Bearse at St Mary's Glacier

Why “Approachable?”

I’m not your typical Colorado “outdoorsy” but I just absolutely love getting outside. I also believe it’s incredibly beneficial for my mental health and I want everyone to feel empowered to get out on the trail & explore, no matter your skill level. For the most part, these are your friendly, shorter hikes that’ll have you back in the city in time for Happy Hour!

Author of Approachable Outdoors Kylie Bearse

About Kylie Bearse

I’m a happy hour and brunch connoisseur. Hiker in the summer, skier in the winter & traveler all year round. I’m a former theater kid who now does Broadway show reviews and weekly food stories on the incredible Denver food scene.  Oh, yeah – I’m also a Meteorologist who’s been telling people the weather on TV for a decade now. Have a weather question? Don’t hesitate to ask! You can see me every weekday morning on Fox31 KDVR from 4:30-10am


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